David Stary -
Tasmanian Vein Clinic

How do we get Varicose Veins?

Because of our upright posture, there is a lot of pressure generated in the lower leg veins. The combined action of the muscles compressing the veins, and the valves within the vein, ensures blood returns to the heart. If the vein becomes dilated and the valves incompetent, this process fails and leads to high pressure within the veins and progressive dilation of the veins. Pregnancy, obesity and a family history of varicose veins, all increase the risk for varicose veins.

What happens if i don’t have my Varicose Veins treated?

The veins will inevitably get bigger with time. Most, but not all veins, will become symptomatic (e.g. aching) and can lead to leg swelling, pigmentation and varicose eczema. The more serious complications include superficial thrombophlebitis (clots in the superficial veins), bleeding (which can be quite dramatic but is easily controlled with local pressure), lipodermosclerosis (fibrous thickening about the ankle) and chronic leg ulcers.

How does the blood circulate if the veins are removed?

The majority of blood returns to the heart from the deep veins. Removing the superficial incompetent varicose veins improves the circulation, as blood flow in these veins is in the reversed direction.

Can I prevent Varicose Veins?

We believe that exercise, weight reduction and compression stockings can be useful. Prolonged periods with legs dependent and inactive should be avoided.

What about treatment when pregnant?

During pregnancy, compression stockings should be used and definitive treatment deferred until the pregnancy and breast feeding is completed.

Will the veins recur?

While the veins that are successfully treated will not return for some over time new varicose veins can occur.

Are there any restrictions after treatment?

After sclerotherapy or laser, an immediate return to light activities is encouraged. After surgery, normal light duties can be resumed after 24-hours. Intense activities such as aerobics or long runs should be avoided for one week. Hot spas and baths should be avoided for two weeks.